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VMCi Restoration Garage

VMCi Pope Mobile

Many of you will be aware that the club owns a Mini Clubman which is affectionately known as “The Pope Mobile”. Well the Pope Mobile is currently in need of some tender loving care and restoration and I have it in my garage for that purpose.

I have made a good start and drawn up plans for the work and have most of the things we need to get the job done. Now all this ties in with some few thoughts I have about some activity we could be supplying for the club members. It struck me that we have lots of people join the club with a Mini they intend to restore and a few of them don’t have the knowledge and skill to get the project under way and completed. I often wonder how those projects are going.

We have many people in the club who have skills and knowledge of things mechanical and body work who are prepared to lend a hand or give advice.

With all that in mind we have set up a “Restoration” section in the club where members with projects can seek advice, ask for help or come along and see someone else’s project and perhaps lend a hand and learn on the job, so to speak.

To kick this off I am inviting interested members to come along to my house and assist with the work on the Pope Mobile. You don’t have to be a mechanic or panel beater, all you have to do is be able to use a drill, use some sandpaper, twist a spanner, have a good time and if you can’t do that maybe cook the BBQ for the rest of us and watch what happens. Then we can come and do the same for you.

Our Restoration Garage is going nicely with the first working day on our own clubs vehicle the “Pope Mobile” taking place at the home of the President on Sunday the 19th of February starting at 11.30am. Krystian Jackson has volunteered to cook the BBQ and watch the proceedings. Please give me a ring if you are coming so I know how much to get for the BBQ.

For details and the address ring 0413 423 160.

It appears that there are a few stalled projects out there as I have had a call from a members mum asking what to do next with a partly restored car. If you need a hand or some advice give us a call or email.

Make a note in your diary the next Resto day will be the 2nd April starting at 11:30am at my place. Give me a ring so I know how much to get for the BBQ.

Michael Holloway

VMCI President


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