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The Link Alpine Mini Tour was an annual tour that ran from 2002 to 2017. It was organised primarily by Neil & Lynette Crawford.


A navigational tour, the Alpine Mini Tour kicked off on a Saturday and continued all the way through to Sunday afternoon/evening. The tours took place in some of the best roads and locations the alpine region has to offer, and each year's route varied, remaining a closely guarded secret until the event's start.

A different theme was chosen for each year's event and participants were encouraged to dress themselves (and their minis!) to match the theme over the entire weekend - or for the more shy, just for Saturday Night's dinner event.

Sad to see the Alpine Tour end?

Why not consider volunteering to organise an event  to replace it?!

The VMCi's events are only possible thanks to volunteers like Neil & Lynette Crawford who stepped up and offered to organise something. If you're interested, why not come along to one of the Monthly Committee Meetings (details in the calendar or your most recent MiniMag) and discuss what you'd like to do and find out what support the club can offer you in organising a great evennt like this one.


A wrap up of the final Link Alpine Mini Tour by organiser Neil Crawford:


Aussie Bogan was the Theme for the weekend.

This year we decided to start in the capital of Boganville - Moe - the locals didn’t notice us as we departed around 9am - right on time - Moe residents were still asleep!! And Jeff Hase (stuck in Morwell) was about to call the RACV with fuel pump problems; Scotty volunteered to the rescue!

Departing the sleepy town we headed out via Haunted Hill Road, and the Tongs tried to get their heater working - only to blow the heater hose off the tap - Esmores to the rescue.

Crossing the freeway and eventually past the now closed Hazelwood Power Station - well most of the cars did. From there we went past the Loy Yang Power Station and travelled the back roads into Rosedale. Travelled on the A1 for a couple of kms then the back roads to Briagolong Pub for Lunch; must have not done my homework properly as everybody arrived early; a game of KLOP on the front lawn filled in a little time with 5 year old Dannielle in charge. Dannielle has been on every tour since her birth - 6.

Lunch done - there was then a great drive thru to Bairnsdale with time to refuel and pick up the participation trophy donated by Link Automotive; from there we travelled via Bruthen to Mt Hotham; it is just one of those drives that most mini drivers enjoy!


The boys at the General at Mt Hotham did a great job looking after us as they did way back in 2002 when this all started. Saturday night passed with lots of talk and laughter; Pottsy’s games and the announcement that this was to be the last Alpine Mini Tour organised by Crawf and his Team BMC (Bairnsdale Mini Clowns).


In keeping with the theme, we held a Fashion Parade for the best Aussie Bogans. Our esteemed judges Jeff, Heather and Steph had some tough choices to make.

Winners were:

Best Aussie Bogan Car: Steven Potts & Blake Antrobus

Best Aussie Bogan Female: Natalie Millington

Runner-up Aussie Bogan Female: Lyn Crawford

Best Aussie Bogan Male: Wayne Fitzgerald

Runner-up Aussie Bogan Male: Chris Hooley


After a good night’s sleep and a scrumptious breakfast it was outside the Hotham Police Station on Sunday morning for the usual photo opportunity and the Drip Tray Award - Luke grabbed that award (His car has an A+ 1275 motor waiting to be fitted). Then it was off to Bright to do a little window shopping and perhaps visit the Bright Chocolate Factory for a hot chocolate.

Jeff also again threatened to call the RACV again (just down the hill from Mt Hotham). Again Scotty to the rescue - loose wire to the fuel pump - problem finally sorted!!

After a short drive via more back roads it was off to the Brown Bros Winery - Milawa for lunch. Then it was time to say goodbye - for the last time from BMC.

All good things must come to an end!

I would like to thank everybody that came along and enjoyed the weekend drive; we did try to keep the roads interesting.

A special thank you to everybody that helped throughout the years with manning check points; running an event; for just being there to help with parking; setting cars up for that special photo shoot - the list goes on - thank you.

Thank you to Link Automotive for their sponsorship support over the last 10 years. And most of all I would like to thank the boys and girls from BMC for their input and help over the last 15 years and for their support in running the event.

Most of all Lyn and Megan for their ongoing support - “Hang on lads I have an idea!!”