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Interested in Motorkhana? Why not consider coming to the Hay Mini Nationals! It's a great weekend away, incorporating both motorsport & social events, and is an opportunity to get to know other members of the club!


Motorkhanas are the basic level of Club Motorsport, and are low cost - so they make for the perfect starting place for anyone looking to dip their toe in the waters of motorsport!


Motorkhanas are events designed to test the acceleration, braking and handling of cars and the skill and judgment of drivers. Most importantly, motorkhanas provide fun and enjoyment at low cost, whilst letting you practise and learn car control.


The idea is to drive from a "start garage" around a set course which is usually delineated by flags or traffic cones, and come to a stop in a "finish garage". You are timed from start to finish, and you are the only car on the course during your run. 


Most motorkhana courses can be negotiated in first gear - so speeds are low, and safety and fun factor are high. Minis are extraordinarily well suited to motorkhana due to their light weight and great manoeuvrability. In particular, the "handbrake turn" is very spectacular and easy to perform in a Mini.


You can compete in Motorkhana events from as young as 12 years of age, which gives teenagers a very valuable opportunity to learn and develop skills for years before actually getting on the roads.

Straight Slalom Motorkhana

Just about any car can be driven in a Motorkhana. No modifications need to be made in order to compete. Cars are subject to scrutineering by competition officials before each competition. This is to make sure that the car is safe to compete in.


Your car does not need to be registered to compete and multiple drivers can compete in the same car at the same event, which makes Motorkhana events great for family entries.



You don't need a regular driver's licence to compete, but you will need a Motorsport Australia licence in order to compete. This can be obtained by completing the licence application form found here.  The cost is $145 for Adults or $35 for juniors aged 12-17 years, and the licence will last for 12 months. Alternatively, you can sign up at most VMCi run events - just give the organiser of the event a call to check that sign up will be available on site.


The VMCi also runs a number of 'Come and Try' events where you can try out a Motorkhana in a non-competitive environment and using a one-day reduced price Motorsport Australia licence that is issued on-site. Check out our Come and Try page for more info.

The video below shows a VMCi Motorkhana in action. Video Courtesy of VMCi Member Peter Williams 


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