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Life memberships are a prestigious honour - a discretionary award given to members who have given 10 years or more of consecutive service and made a considerable & significant contribution to the club. These individuals have been given a life membership to the Victorian Mini Club.

Gary & Shirley Birt

Life Members Since 2005

Gary joined the Morris 850 Club of Victoria in 1965, and Shirley in 1985, and have a long association with both clubs.  Gary has competed and taken out awards in many facets of the sport including autocross, sprints, motorkhana, hillclimb, and racing. Shirley also competed and has been a constant backstop to both the clubs as well as to Gary.  Together they have organised and assisted with many events (such as Driver Ed. Days, motorkhanas and Six Hour teams), and have been regular and reliable contributors to club life and the club magazine as well.

Peter Bready

Life Member Since 2005

Peter’s first car club was the Melbourne University Car Club and he later joined the Mini Car Club of Victoria.  For many years he was a club delegate and he has climbed the echelons of motorsport organisation, rising to the role of President of CAMS in 1996-8.  He is a great supporter of grass roots motorsport, and regularly lends a hand at our motorkhanas as a scrutineer.  His greater role as an advisor to our club has been invaluable. In 1999 Peter received the CAMS Award of Merit which is the highest recognition that can be conferred by CAMS upon any person for services to motor sport.

Leanne & Jeremy Coakley

Life Member Since 2010

Leanne & Jeremy were members of the Mini Car Club and have been very active in the life of the VMCi.  Leanne was involved with Minimag from 1996, and was editor from 1999-2002.  In 2003 she was the club secretary, and was one of the CH signatories for several years after that. For a number of years Jeremy was our A.O.M.C representative and a CH plate signatory, and also served time on the committee.  Both Leanne and Jeremy did many behind the scene tasks whether on or off committee, and undertook the responsibility of being Chief Timekeepers at our Phillip Island race meetings.

Mike Duff

Life Member Since 2003

Mike joined the Mini Car Club of Victoria in 1981.  He helped with the merger between the MCCV and M850 Club, and became the inaugural VMCi president in 1993, and won the Club Mini Championship as well. His presidency continued for another year, and in 1995 he became the Membership secretary.  He continued to work as an official for the club, and took on the role of organising the VMCi Winton 6 hour race team to first place.  In 2001 Mike became the Treasurer, which was a very demanding role at that time when the GST legislation was in its very early stages. 

Jeff Hase

Life Member since 2018

Over the years since joining in 1970, Jeffrey has contributed to club life in many ways.  He has been a volunteer at Calder Rallycross, racing at Sandown and Phillip Island and has also worked at various rallies. His greatest contribution has been a ten year stint in the demanding role of Club Treasurer, at a time when there were over one thousand members, and also handling the work of the membership position.  The club owes Jeff a great deal, and has honoured him with the granting of a Life Membership in early 2018.

Janis & Michael Holloway

Life Members Since 2003

Michael joined the Morris 850 Club of Victoria in 1970, and Janis joined four years later.  During his time with M850 Michael was President, Vice President, and held various other positions, and was awarded a Life Membership in 1991. He was instrumental and active in bringing the M850 club and the MMCV together to form VMCI.  Michael was both a participant and organiser of race meetings and other motor sport activities, assisted by Janis.  Together the two of them organised the club’s two day round of the Victorian State Racing Series each year, and the Phillip Island Classic Festival of Motorsport – which by 1999 became a three-day meeting.

Ed Morris

Life Member Since 2003

Ed joined the M850 Club in 1989, and was Club President in 1992.   As per the club merger arrangements, he became the Vice President of the VMCi in 1993, and also served in that role in 1994.  From 1995 to 2000 he was the President of VMCI, and gave generously of his time and support to the club, steering the club through a time of growth and change.

Ray Potts

Life Member Since 2012

Over a decade of membership Ray has managed to perform many roles, sometimes taking two roles in the one year.  He has held the roles of Logbook scheme registrar, secretary, webmaster, President, competition secretary, magazine editor, merchandise manager and vice-president.  As well as this he is a regular contributor to Minimag (The Greasy Bits) and a regular volunteer whenever help is needed.

Noel Tippett

Life Member Since 2010

Noel was a member of the Morris 850 club in the 1980s, and served as President of VMCI in 2003 and 2004. He was also a member of the committee for a number of years, including two years as Vice President.  Noel has done extensive work prior to, and at, motorsport events run by the club.

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