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MiniShow 2016

A HUGE Thank You to everyone!! Seaworks in Williamstown lit up on Sunday 13th November with 80 Minis, and the smiles of their owners, at the Victorian Mini Club’s big event of the year, “Mini Show 2016”. On what should have been a sunny November day but turned out to be far less-than-average, owners from as far away as Shepparton, Mansfield, and even NSW, rolled through the doors and into position.

Thank you to everyone who came, it was a privilege to have you with us, and a special thanks to you all for braving the inclement weather, we salute you. Judging by your feedback, the venue was a hit, so thanks also for your patience and understanding whilst the marshalls positioned the Minis into, and out of, the building.

And, of course, no event of this size and importance happens without considerable effort behind the scenes. An especially big, big Thank You to Paul Buck as head of the Organising Committee; Paul, you are ace. Your passion for Minis and your appreciation of the volunteers assisting you makes you, in anyone’s books, a ‘good sort’. You got there, it happened, it happened well, and you created an event that any club would be proud of. Thank You!

The Organising Committee would like to also thank everyone who volunteered and helped make the Minishow happen. Your input, your effort, your work, has not gone unnoticed! From the big things to the little things, it was an excellent group effort. Judging by feedback from the day, it was certainly an event to remember - the best comment heard so far being; “It was a killer day”!

The event also welcomed some 700 members of the public over the course of the day; talk about raising the profile of the Club!

The public were invited to vote for their favourite Mini, and vote they did! But before we announce the winners of the People’s Choice Awards below, it is important for owners who participated in the event to know that every car received at least one ballot by a member of the public. This literally means that your vehicle, and everyone else’s, whether it was cheap and cheerful, expensive and pretty, schmick or ragged, was appreciated by someone. Every Mini touched at least one person, at least one person smiled that day, for whatever reason, and that, on it’s own, is a wonderful thing.

- Angela Stevenson

The Victorian Mini Club is very pleased to announce the recipients of the

2016 Mini Show People’s Choice Awards

First Place - 1963 Silver Morris Mini - Lisa Abela, Brookfield

Second Place - 1971 White Clubman GT - Benjamin Tilbrook, Montmorency

Third Place - 1965 Yukon Grey Morris Traveller - David Pohlen, Mornington


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