Sprint Round 3 - Entry Form & Supp Regs


Date: 21 August 2016

Event held by: RAAF Auto Club of East Sale (RACES)

Location: RAAF Base East Sale - Aerodrome Rd, East Sale VIC 3852

Some notes from the organisers:

Attached below are the Supp Regs and Entry Form for the third sprint of 2016 at East Sale on 21 August. The entry form is usable for both electronic entry and normal hand written entry. Please note the following:

If you choose to send us a scanned copy, please ensure the document is clearly legible before sending. If you have chosen to fill it out electronically you can print it and send it to us via snail mail or you can send it to our email address (as a Word document please) which is in the supp regs.

There are 6 positions for inserting the names of visitors who will be coming with you on the day. This six does not include those listed as Competitor, Driver 1 or Driver 2. All people accessing the Base will need some form of Government issued photo ID unless under the age of 16. A name on the list is no longer enough. Please don’t be disappointed if you are denied entry for failing to comply. This is explained in the highlighted box at the lower left corner of the entry form and clearly explains that Photo ID is required for entry to the Base.

Your entry will not be processed until payment has been received. Payments on the day will not be accepted. Should you need to withdraw from the event, simply contact us at our email address with 72 hours notice and a full refund or retained credit will be processed.

Timing will be by electronic means - you will be issued with a transponder at check in. More details will be provided in the Further Regs once your entry has been confirmed.

Lastly, as this event is held in August, due to daylight limitations, only 90 entries will be accepted.

  • Click here to download the Entry Form

  • Click here to download the Supp Regs

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