The Victorian Mini Club has photo galleries of Club events dating all the way back to 2009. These images can all currently be viewed on the Club's Picasa web albums gallery. With the wind down of Picasa over the coming months, we'll be updating to a new format that we hope will make it easier than ever for club members to view and share their event photos with us. If you have some event photos that you'd love to share, just contact our Communications person.


The Victorian Mini Club has 1000+ members, many of whom own and love minis, both old and new! Here are a few who have offered to share the details about their pride & joy with us.

Chris Hooley

My 1977 LS has been in the family since 1987. Thanks to her 3 previous owners, she was in immaculate condition; a state I maintained until about 1995 when the speed bug bit and I started modifying. It has always been critical to me however, that she always look like an LS and retains her 998cc engine. Developments have however, been extensive….


A couple of years ago I was offered a 1971 Mini K van and took the opportunity to start a complete restoration. This project has moved in fits-and-starts as projects do, but it’s brilliantly satisfying to learn new skills and gradually bring an old car back to life.


About 20 years in the club has provided me with great friends, lots of help, heaps of knowledge and countless hours of good times. When I first joined, it took me 45 minutes to change an air-filter. Now, I have hand-fabricated a stainless-steel fuel-injection manifold. The Club will embrace you no matter what your level of mechanical engagement.

There’s no prerequisite, but it helps to like minis.

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