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To foster an interest in the Mini in its various forms and derivatives.

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Minis and Motorsport

To participate in Competition events requires a CAMS Licence. A Licence Application form is available from the Membership Secretary and at events run by the VMCi. The completed form and payment should be returned directly to CAMS.

For further information, phone the CAMS Hotline on 1300 653 529.

Victorian Mini Club Competition

The VMCi runs an annual motorsport championship, and all members with a CAMS licence are eligible to compete for the many Club trophies. Events that are eligible for VMCi Championship Points are listed on the Competition Calendar (at right).

At the start of the calendar year, you should download and complete the VMCi Championship Entry form, and return it to the Competition Secretary.

In addition to events that form part of the VMCi Championship, there are many other competition events that are listed on the VMCi Calendar. Championship events are listed separately from other competition events.

Results for individual Motorsport events will be posted, wherever possible, as attachments to the calendar item for that event. (Click on the event, then More Details, then the attachment.)

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Types of Mini Motorsport

The main types of motorsport in which VMCi members are involved are:


This is the basic level of Club Motorsport, but don't let that discourage you from having a go.

Motorkhanas are motor sport events designed to test the acceleration, braking and handling of cars and the skill and judgment of drivers. Most importantly, motorkhanas provide fun and enjoyment at low cost, whilst practising and learning car control

The idea is to drive from a "start garage", around a set course, usually delineated by flags or traffic cones, and finish stopped in a "finish garage". You are timed from start to finish, and you are the only car on the course during your run. That's pretty much it.

Most motorkhana courses can be negotiated in first gear, so speeds are low, safety, and fun factor, are high. Minis are extraordinarily well suited to motorkhana due to their light weight and great manoeuvrability. In particular, the "handbrake turn" is very spectacular, and easy to perform in a Mini.


Autocross is a speed event on dirt, and less than 2 km in length. You compete with only the driver in the car, and is the track is defined mainly by tyres.

Hill Climb

Hill Climbing is a timed event where the objective is to drive as quickly and neatly as possible around the corners and up an uphill track, sometimes no wider than a garden path.


Individual or small numbers of cars are released at regular intervals onto a track and generally complete several laps at a time racing against the clock, and not the other drivers out there at the time.


Khanacross events are mostly run on unsealed surfaces, and involve a series of timed tests of various layouts. No straight section of the course exceeds 100 metres in length without a turn of at least 90 degrees. Each run tests the acceleration, braking and general manoeuvrability of the vehicle and the skill and judgement of the driver. Only one car is allowed on each test at any one time.


VMCi Competition Calendar


3 April  Pakenham  : this is a Victorian Motorkhana round run by VMCI, this does not count against the MCC or MC, officials needed
1 May Mini Thunder : only a round of VMCI motorkhana championship
29 May Mini Thunder & Hay practice :  counts against MCC & MC
12 June  Hay  : counts against MCC & MC


28 February Mini Thunder
17 April Mini Thunder
7 May Ballarat [ Twilight ] BLCC


13 February Bryant Park , Haunted Hills VHC
6 March Mt Leura  Camperdown  VHC
15 May  Rob Roy
22 May DECCA Shepparton


20 March Phillip Island  MSCA
 19 June Sandown  MSCA